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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ol' Tough Mare -- Sarah Ain't What She Used to Be

The wise woman knows about schadenfreude and karma, yet she allows herself a tiny deliciously wicked giggle over the re-entry of Sarah Palin to the political scene.

Ol' Sarah does not look good.

She's ... er ... bloated. Not fat, exactly, but her face is jowly and thick in a way that an expensive haircut and rimless lenses can't hide.

She appears to need a vacation. Is she touring historic spots on the East coast to gain political capital or actually learning U.S. geography for the first time?

Her "skills" are less relevant today than three years ago. The best qualifications to be POTUS? Leaving political office before a term is finished, starring in a reality cable show, "hunting" nearly captive animals, and pandering to fringe-y political groups ... Well, obviously! (Charlie Sheen, take heart!)

Red is not her color. 'Nuff said.

Go Rogue. Sorry, more accurately ... Go Rouge. The public is challenged to see beyond the heavy makeup to the rugged outdoors-woman hidden underneath.

We are grateful for Sarah's re-entry, though. Next year may bring more of Tina Fey, less of Donald Trump, and American political theater at its finest.

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