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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Ol' Tough Mare -- Sarah Ain't What She Used to Be

The wise woman knows about schadenfreude and karma, yet she allows herself a tiny deliciously wicked giggle over the re-entry of Sarah Palin to the political scene.

Ol' Sarah does not look good.

She's ... er ... bloated. Not fat, exactly, but her face is jowly and thick in a way that an expensive haircut and rimless lenses can't hide.

She appears to need a vacation. Is she touring historic spots on the East coast to gain political capital or actually learning U.S. geography for the first time?

Her "skills" are less relevant today than three years ago. The best qualifications to be POTUS? Leaving political office before a term is finished, starring in a reality cable show, "hunting" nearly captive animals, and pandering to fringe-y political groups ... Well, obviously! (Charlie Sheen, take heart!)

Red is not her color. 'Nuff said.

Go Rogue. Sorry, more accurately ... Go Rouge. The public is challenged to see beyond the heavy makeup to the rugged outdoors-woman hidden underneath.

We are grateful for Sarah's re-entry, though. Next year may bring more of Tina Fey, less of Donald Trump, and American political theater at its finest.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Evolution of Woman

Filmed on Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, an intriguing video featuring a resounding rifle shot has sparked a storm of controversy. Startled on-lookers watch with shock as the video unfolds frame by frame. The day is mild, the scene ordinary, yet the central figure in the video draws attention that transcends simple curiosity.

The video begins with a vintage car, circa 1963, traveling slowly down the road that runs along Dealey Plaza. A lone driver parks the car, emerges, and checks the meter before beginning a nonchalant amble down the sidewalk. This subject is a woman dressed in a short black trenchcoat, Hollywood-style sunglasses and flat shoes. As she walks, she slowly sheds her apparel one item at a time - trench coat, sunglasses, shoes, sweatshirt, capri pants, t-shirt ... Until the final moments of the video, she is dressed in only black bra and panties.

Ordinary people watch this tableau unfold. Regular folks walking to work, enjoying the sunshine, heading home or possibly to lunch stand transfixed by the display of this woman in a slow, public strip-tease. The expressions on their faces provide the second character in the tale. Disbelief, embarrassment, disdain, and admiration appear boldly on camera. "Is it a joke?" "A hoax?" "Is it a test?" "A public service message?"

The rising action culminates when the woman reaches around her back to unhook her bra and slip her panties to the ground before taking two steps towards a stunned group of on-lookers. The small crowd hesitates and appears to part before her advance and then ... a rifle shot. The naked woman lurches forward and collapses on the sidewalk.

This is Erykah Badu's latest video and, no apologies ... I like it. For me, Badu stands a symbol for the naked truth. She's not the airbrushed, styled, edited, sexpot of the average video. Her body is ordinary, flawed, and imperfect. Her nakedness is neither sexual nor sexy - it's provocative, raw, and real. In her lumpy imperfection, Badu becomes the everywoman assassinated by the impossible social standards of physical perfection that hold most women hostage. Her message is simple - see beyond this; evolve.

Copyright 2010 Karen Napolitano

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hail to "The Chief"

Washington, D.C. boasts a new denizen this week.

Typically, this high-profile arrival has taken up residence in a posh piece of District real estate complete with water view. Additionally, like many freshly delivered "inside the Beltway," this new resident arrived with a flurry of controversy. He was selected through a secretive process by a core group of his admirers. Arriving silently with little fanfare, he quickly established his territory and has already edged out older, once respected, fellow representatives. Not surprisingly, this newcomer has offered little personal reflection about his fresh fame, but is willing to offer himself to the television cameras and the curious Johnny Q. Public at any opportunity. Notable locals are lining up like groupies at a rock concert for a picture with this cool arrival.

His success in Washington is assured. Capable of morphing into any necessary shape to suit the moment, this politicized creature can squeeze through tiny loopholes or occupy an entire chamber. His spinelessness is prerequisite for navigating the icy waters adjacent to the Potomac. He is deeply aware of the moods and threats around him and responds by changing colors and positions to suit his advantage. His closest handlers report that he has already demonstrated a sharp learning curve, and his broad appetite and ruthless advantage over opponents will leave few little fish in the pond.

Only one task remains. His publicists have scratched their heads over his official name and title. A decision will be made soon and early reports suggest that those in his inner circle are entertaining obvious monikers such as "The Lobbyist," "Senator," or "Former Governor Palin." Sadly submissive to their control, this new arrival can hardly voice an objection to these inherent insults to his his once proud species ... the Giant Pacific Octopus.

Copyright 2010 Karen Napolitano